Reasons to Consider Leasing

Leasing Provides Flexibility

•You can choose to make your payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually
•You can choose little or no down payment
•You can choose leasing to provide off-balance-sheet financing, unlike equipment loans that increase your liability
•You can choose lease payments that are usually lower than loan payments
•You can choose leasing and it may be considered an optional expense and fully deductible

Affordability of Lease Payments

Because leases can be uniquely structured, the payment can meet your financial needs and budgets.

Off-Balance-Sheet Financing

Aids your business in bonding capacity and payments are considered rental payments or an expense not a debt.

Preserves Cash

Leasing will allow you to keep your cash reserves, as well as, keeping your current bank lines untouched.

Convenient Source of Capital

Leasing will aid your business to maintain cash flow, but still provide the resources needed to grow and profit.

Less Restrictive Form of Finance

With leasing your business can choose a lease that allows for 100% financing, shorter terms for high-tech equipment to help your business stay current, or even the ability the ability to skip payments during months of tighter cash flow.

We Look Forward to Working with YOU Soon!!

If Leasing meets your needs please print and complete the Lease Application, the Personal Financial Statement, and the Assets & Liabilities forms found under Documents.